Design Retainers

*PLEASE NOTE: The retainer program is for repeat clients. If we have not yet worked together, let's start by working on a branding package, website, logo or other design materials first before considering the retainer program. It is best that we first make sure a long-term contractual relationship is a good fit for both designer and client.

What is a design retainer?

    A design retainer package is perfect for businesses who are in need of graphics on a monthly basis, but are not ready to get officially hire a full time graphic designer.

    Why choose a retainer program?

    • Plan your project deadlines with peace of mind - Guaranteed amount of work, priority over non-retainer clients. 

    • Discounts - You get discounted rates compared to normal fees. 

    • Consistent, Quality Work - You don't have to worry about outsourcing design work to multiple designers. The quality and design will be  cohesive/consistent across all of your projects.

    • On-Call for Emergency Designs/updates.

    • Extremely fast turn-around for routine tasks - such as turning out new versions of an existing designs or making edits to existing photos.

    • Simplified Accounting - You pay a set amount each month for the duration of the retainer contract.

    • Less Paperwork - Eliminate contracts/forms to sign and multiple invoices to track on a per-project basis.

    • Establish a long-term relationship with DXJ - avoiding the need to continually interview and brief a new designer for each new project

    • No Overhead - you get the access to a professional designer without the overhead associated with an employee

    What type of design services are included in the Graphic Designer Retainer packages?

    • Note that each package contains the same design services, no matter the number of hours you select for each month.
    • Print Materials – business cards, thank you cards/postcards, invitation designs, event flyers, product labels, packaging designs
    • Digital Materials – email templates, social media templates, social media banners, and other web graphics/maintenance 
      *This does NOT include full web design or web revamps.
    • Ad Design – print, social, and web ads.
    • Social Media– Banner design, profile images, bio updates, IG highlight covers, story templates.
      *This does NOT include social media management. 
    • Additional services are available upon request.
    • Services do NOT include additional costs like additional stock photography & fonts.
    • Services do NOT include logo design.