Where are you located?

We do not have a storefront as of yet. The address provided is our mailing address. We are currently offering curbside pickup to Saginaw, MI and surrounding areas. Pickup address will be sent via text/email when order is ready for pickup.


How do I checkout with CashApp?

During checkout process, you will be prompted to select payment method. If CashApp option is chosen, you will complete order online. CashApp tag will then be revealed to you ($jlafleurofficial). You will then go to CashApp application and send the subtotal and order # in notes (e.g "for order #0000"). If subtotal has not been sent within two hours of order, order will be cancelled.

How do I checkout with Sezzle? 

 How do I checkout with Quadpay?

What is the difference between a lace closure and a lace frontal?
  • Lace Closures - Brow to Brow ( Sizes 4x4 and 5x5 )
-Less Maintenance
-Can be sewn down or glued(melted)
    • Lace Frontals - Ear to Ear ( Sizes 13x4 and 13x6 )
    -More Maintenance
    -More Versatile
    -Most expensive 
    -Multiple Parting
    -To achieve "natural hairline", can only be glued down 
      How many bundles will I need to purchase? 
      For a full sewin/wig, you will need 3-4 bundles; depending on desired thickness and length. Please note, the longer the hair, the shorter the weft. Longer bundles may require more hair if client is going for a really full look. *Whether client has a closure/frontal is also a deciding factor; Consider how much space each piece will fill.
      Up to 20": 2-3 bundles
      22"+: 3-4 bundles

      How many times can I apply lashes? How can I get multiple wears out of them?
      • Use an adhesive that is specifically made for lashes (no hair glue)
      • Clean the lashes regularly with a lash bath/shampoo + lash brush
      • Store the lashes on a lash tray or original packaging after removal
      • Carefully remove excess glue from lash strip before reapplying

      What is the difference between regular lashes and mink lashes? Why should I buy mink?
      Mink hairs are naturally soft and fine; which create a very lightweight experience when wearing the lashes. Mink lashes have a much lower sheen for a beautiful, natural look. Since the lash strands are ultra-fine and tapered, they hold a beautiful curl and are virtually indistinguishable from your natural lashes once applied. Mink lashes can last up to 15 wears with proper care.

      What is COWASHing? 
      "Cowashing", or conditioner washing, is a recommended cleansing alternative to harsh shampoos because it cleans hair while maintaining the natural oils that keep hair hydrated. However, it is imperative to thoroughly rinse hair until product is completely removed. Otherwise, hair can be stripped/damaged by too much buildup and lose its natural texture.