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3 logo styles you absolutely NEEED

by Jasmine Allen 18 Feb 2022 0 Comments


Primary - Your main logo. You would use this the one most; on packaging, web header, branding content, etc. This is your main identifier. Commonly horizontal.

Secondary (alternative)- This is a less detailed, commonly stacked version of your logo. This is best used when your primary needs to be “toned down” in context or when your primary doesn’t fit. (For narrow packaging, design space, etc.)

Submark- Commonly a circular shape or brand initials (letter mark). This is best used for social media profile images, narrow packaging, website footers and watermarks.

‼️You need different style variations of your logo
‼️You need different color variations of your logo
‼️You need different file formats of your logo

Logo services 👇🏾

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